An overview of disciplined based arts education

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Art education in the United States

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Art education in the United States reflects the social values of American culture. Apprenticeship was once the norm and the main sense, however with the democratization of education, particularly as promoted by educational philosopher John Dewey, opportunities have greatly expanded. Elliot Eisner has been an influential advocate for the benefits of art.

Art education in the United States

To provide an innovative performance-based curriculum designed to prepare all students to successfully reach their academic and creative potential in a diverse society while fostering a life-long appreciation and involvement in the arts. The Brent Wilson Papers document his service as an administrator and art education faculty researcher on children in art education.

The collection is composed of five series: Children's drawings, Discipline Based Art Education (DBAE), National Art Education Association (NAEA), National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) and Wilson's. What is Discipline-Based Art Education?

It is an approach to teaching art that uses four different disciplines: production, criticism, art history, and aesthetics. It starts with questions, us - “Studying the arts furnishes students with a crucial aesthetic metaphor of what life at its best might be Through the study of an art.

Discipline Based Arts Education has its roots in the mids because of growing interest and support for a comprehensive multifaceted art education (Dobbs,p).According to Stephen M. Dobbs, author of The DBAE Handbook: An Overview of Discipline Based Arts Education, “ DBAE is an approach to the teaching and learning of art that builds upon exposure to a wide variety of art .

An overview of disciplined based arts education
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The Role of Discipline-Based Art Education in America's Schools | Americans for the Arts