Dufour r 2004 what is a professional learning community educational leadership 61 8 6 11

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Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) used in schools as a form of teacher DuFour, R. (). What is a professional learning community? Education Leadership, 61(8), , " Professional Development through PLCs: Methods for Measuring PLC Efficacy. Current Obituaries. Obituaries in the Star Tribune.

Obituaries in the Pioneer Press. Folk, Zoe (nee Kranzfelder) August 9, - September 19, The idea of improving schools by developing professional learning communities is currently in vogue.

People use this term to describe every imaginable combination of individuals with an interest in education—a grade-level teaching team, a school committee, a high school department, an entire school district, a state department of education, a national professional organization, and so on.

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(Professional learning occurs) informally through workspace co-location and in the staff room; through to each staff member developing annual Individual Professional Development plans; involvement in action research work; gathering feedback on professional practice to determine professional learning directions and group assessment of student learning against other team-based activities.

Dufour r 2004 what is a professional learning community educational leadership 61 8 6 11
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What Is a Professional Learning Community? - Educational Leadership