Educational system in turkey

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Education System in Turkey

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Education System in Turkey

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What To Expect From The Educational System In Turkey

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Educational System of Turkey

In Medicine, the subsequent qualification of Tip Doktorlugu Diplomasi is executed. The education system has been evolving into what we see today since the creation of the modern state of Turkey. With the formation of the Turkish Republic inemphasis was placed on moving away from a dual system of education made.

There are three types of high schools in Turkey. These are general (academic) schools, science schools, and vocational schools. The first two of these culminate with the National University Entrance Examination, while the latter produce job-ready employees.

The role of these institutions in Turkey’s education system is a hotly debated topic between proponents arguing for religious freedom, and secularists who oppose a central role for these schools in Turkish schooling, based on the grounds that Turkey is constitutionally a secular state.

Educational System of Turkey

NOTE: Education levels are defined according to the International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED97). Ages represent the typical age at the beginning of the school year (rounded up when necessary). Numbers in bold print indicate ages of universal enrollment (i.e., an enrollment rate.

Therefore International education programs have not a significant place in Turkish educational system, while some private schools in Turkey offer and implement some international programs as an alternative/auxiliary education program beside to Turkish National Education.

Education System

The Turkish National Educational System is composed of two main sections: Formal Education and Non-formal Education.

Formal Education Formal education is the regular education of individuals in a certain age group and given in schools.

Educational system in turkey
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Turkey Education System