Our education system is killing creativity essay

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How Schools Are Killing Creativity

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Aug 28,  · Do Schools Kill Creativity – A Response to Ken Robinson By BRENT SILBY Robinson argues that schools are primarily concerned with conformity and that this has a negative impact on creativity. Music our life essay live healthy life essay environment scientific method essay review sheet answers.

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British reporter Riz Khan put together a nice 20 minute interview last week with Sir Ken Robinson, our favorite creativity and education expert (and famous TED presenter).Even if you've seen Sir Ken's TED presentation, you'll find this interview an entertaining and thought-provoking refresher.

Sir Ken Robinson, in his talk show on TED, blamed schools and education system, for killing creativity in students by not encouraging them.

He further added “you will never come up with something innovative and useful, unless you are not prepared to be wrong”.

Our education system is killing creativity essay
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