The education system in ghana

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Education System in Ghana

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Education in Ghana

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Education in Ghana

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Education in Ghana was mainly informal, and based on apprenticeship before the arrival of European settlers, who introduced a formal education system addressed to the elites.

Pre-Independent Ghana was known as the Gold Coast. About Education System in Ghana. Education in Ghana was mainly informal, and based on apprenticeship before the arrival of European settlers, who built a formal education system addressed to the elites.

Upon the independence of Ghana inuniversal education became an. The development of education in Ghana is closely tied to the socio-political changes that have taken place from colonial times to the present day. The transformation processes have seen the education system expand from the first castle schools (which only targeted populations linked with the social, economic and religious interests.

Key points of Ghana's new education system: ´╗┐Ghana operates on a System. (NIB) outside the Ghana Education Service (GES) but under the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports (MOESS) shall be responsible for periodic inspection of Basic and Secondary Schools to ensure quality education.

Ghana operates on a System: Middle: Junior High School: 3: Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) at the end of JHS: Secondary: Senior High School: 4: Admission to Senior High School is competitive. Ghana Table of Contents. The country's education system at the beginning of the academic year comprised primary schools, junior secondary schools, senior secondary schools, polytechnic (technical and vocational) institutions, teacher training colleges, and university-level institutions.

The education system in ghana
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